Kitchen Worktops

A wide range of kitchen worktops are available with your Puddled Duck Kitchen. Solid wood, natural granite, quartzstone, laminate, and many other kitchen work surfaces can be provided in a wide range of colours and finishes.

every one of our kitchen worktops is unique and custom made to your precise specification.

Wooden Worktops

Wooden Kitchen Worktop

Nothing beats the natural warmth of real wood in the home and there is a growing trend for consumers to use warm, natural colours and materials in the home.

Puddled Duck Kitchens' selection of twelve solid wood worktops are ideal for creating design features in a worktop run. With a range which extends from classical sturdy oak to the rich, dark tones of wenge.

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Natural Granite Worktops

Granite Kitchen Worktop

Make your kitchen one of a kind with natural granite surfaces. The unique beauty of these work surfaces is matched only by their durability. Fashioned by nature and finished by hand, no two surfaces are ever the same.

Puddled Duck Kitchens offer a wide range of colours and finishes to ensure your dream kitchen is everything you hope for, now and for many years to come. Each surface is totally individual and with the proper care will last a lifetime.

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Quartzstone Worktops

Quartzstone Kitchen Worktop

Quartzstone is a man-made material which is becoming a very popular alternative to natural granite. Whilst enjoying all the qualities of natural granite, quartzstone also has additional benefits when considering maintenance and appearance.

It is resistant to staining, scratching, odours and even cooking fats and is available in a much wider range of colours than traditional granite materials. These include Glitterstone, a luxurious material featuring reflective metallic flecks and also plain and veined options, ensuring a perfect solution to your needs.

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Other Worktop types

We also offer a wide range of Laminate, Corian and Pyrolave worksurfaces in hundreds of colours.

Worktop swatches, samples and pictures are available at our showroom to compare against door samples.